FC Bravo Youth Soccer Club
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Bravo News
FC Bravo was founded in April of 2012. We are a youth soccer club located in Scottsdale. We are  affiliated with United States Youth Soccer Association (USYSA), and Arizona Youth Soccer Association (AYSA). Founded by a group of Hispanic and European soccer players who have extensive experience in professional and competitive amateur soccer in the US, Europe, Brazil and Mexico. The founders share a club vision and have created advanced training curriculum to develop the technical and game skills for youth players that desire to play at the highest level possible at each age group. FC Bravo also offers recreational soccer programs for boys and girls from ages 6 to 12. 

MaxInMotion™ Applications Received/Under Review

AYSA Partnership with MaxInMotion®
to Financially Aid Youth Soccer Clubs & Players
Last season, Arizona Youth Soccer Association (AYSA) commenced a partnership with the MaxInMotion™ Foundation to provide financial assistance to 144 boys and girls, who otherwise would not have been able to compete. These players received over $100,000.00 in financial support.

AYSA is pleased to announce the extended partnership with the MaxInMotion™ Foundation for the 2013-14 season!
Completed applications and supporting documents seeking financial support for the upcoming 2013-14 season were submitted to AYSA by the deadline date - June 24, 2013. (This deadline cannot be extended.)
This year, AYSA received 791 applications from 30 youth soccer clubs in Arizona.
At this time, all submitted documents are under a review process. As you can imagine, the process for review is not only extensive, but time consuming. The goal is to have all applications processed by August, 15, 2013. Funding will follow soon thereafter.
If you submitted an application, please be patient. As soon as the review process of all applications is complete, AYSA will contact you with the result. (Please do not contact the AYSA office prior - Thank You)
About MaxInMotion™
Provides much needed financial assistance to youth sports programs for underprivileged children and for the development of programs to include special needs populations in youth sports activities. Further, research shows that participation in youth sports enhances community values, interdependency, and collective responsibility. Physical fitness prevents childhood obesity and has also been linked to reducing school dropout rates, teen pregnancy and high-risk behaviors, all of which pose tremendous consequences to our society.
MaxInMotion™ was founded in memory of Max Shacknai, who embodied the ideal young athlete: passionate, hard working, and incredibly committed to his teammates. To learn more or contribute visit www.maxinmotion.org
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