FC Bravo Youth Soccer Club
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                      F.C. BRAVO Youth Soccer Club 

F.C BRAVO offers affordable youth soccer programs for competitive and recreational players.

Competitive youth soccer programs are so expensive these days that many children are left out. It is our believe that youth soccer programs should be accessible to all income levels and to all children, therefore our organization's model sets a new direction in the US Youth Soccer Programs. 

Summary of F.C. BRAVO's Soccer Programs
  1. Player Development: Since 1979 we have seen several player generations in club soccer graduations, and we understand that children grow and bloom at different stages of their aging process. We have seen kids who are very strong, fast and dominant at their younger ages, but that is not a guarantee for long term dominance, in fact we look for skills rather than just speed for our competitive teams. In the long run the players with skills will eventually outperform many of the players who relied on growth advantage. With many clubs in the US with the short term goal of winning at all costs mentality leads to the recruitment of fast and big players leaving out many children with great untapped potential. At F.C. Bravo we believe that player development is a long term process, and it is all about each individual's success and not on how many wins the team can get. Unfortunately many parents select a club based on winning record alone, and not on player development foundation. Ultimately, when college coaches are looking at the players, they want to know about their school grades, and whether they can play or not. College coaches are not interested in how many wins were achieved by the teams they played for.
  2. Competitive and Select Programs: Boys and Girls  that want to play competitive soccer are evaluated through tryouts and placed on teams with players of similar skill level. These teams compete in state and regional leagues and tournaments. 
  3. Recreational Program: The REC program offers skills training and in-house league play for boys and girls 5 to 11 years old.
  4. Skills Training: We offer individual and group skills training sessions for children of all ages and skill levels 
  5. Organization and Philosophy: All of our board members have either soccer backgrounds as players, coaches and have experience as volunteer administrators in local clubs, State and US National and  international levels.  
  6. The 3 Pillars Philosophy: Players, Coaches and Parents form the 3 essential pillars of our club philosophy, placing the player's best interests and positive experience at the top. Discipline, Respect, Harmony and a Fun Learning Environment for all club players, parents, coaches and administrators is our motto.
  7. Accountability: We uphold all of our members accountable for their actions if they are not inline with the best interest of the players and F.C. Bravos's bylaws and code of conduct. We have zero tolerance for none sense winning at all costs mentality, gossip, and dirty politics.
  8. Costs: Our program costs are set at the lowest cost possible to cover basic expenses and we rely on sponsors so we can provide scholarships to the children not able to contribute. 

Upcoming Schedule of Events

Aug. 31 - Sept. 2, 2018

Desert Elite Inaugural Cup

Sept. 7 - Sept. 9, 2018

Tuzos Challenge








FC Bravo was founded in April of 2012. We are a youth soccer club located in Scottsdale. We are  affiliated with United States Youth Soccer Association (USYSA), and Arizona Youth Soccer Association (AYSA). Founded by a group of Hispanic and European soccer players who have extensive experience in professional and competitive amateur soccer in the US, Europe, Brazil and Mexico. The founders share a club vision and have created advanced training curriculum to develop the technical and game skills for youth players that desire to play at the highest level possible at each age group. FC Bravo also offers recreational soccer programs for boys and girls from ages 6 to 12. 

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